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Rozvoj a vzdělávání

Education and development

We help get the best of the value of human capital that your organization has at its disposal.

Accurately assessing the capabilities and potential of your executives is a necessary step before starting training or development so that each employee can objectively identify areas of improvement. This helps us define the necessary education and development of your important staff, identify appropriate groups or individual training and leadership programs, develop realistic career development plans and thereby help increase productivity and fidelity of your people.
Personal development and education

Following to a holistic assessment of your people's abilities and skills, we plan appropriate education programs and individual career development plans for managers so that their skills are fully developed and their output and engagement in the organization is maximized.

Consequently, as far as the systems of Educational management and Talent development are concerned, we help in particular:

> Preparing the Talent development management programme

> Development and application of the Successors and Management representatives programme

​> Development of Career planning and development projects

​> Implementation Center for evaluation and personal development

> Preparing and developing Managerial education and leadership programs

In order to meet the organization's goals in the field of Training and education, we usually help, among other things:

> Preparing open Seminars focused on different topics

> Implementation of closed-ended Seminars that have been compiled in full according to the wishes of your organization

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