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Řízení výkonnosti a odměňování

Performance & reward management

We help get the best of the value of human capital that your organization has at its disposal.

We propose performance management programs tailored to specific needs of each organization and forms of remuneration that enhance employee performance, motivation and loyalty and create a modern and comprehensive management model. To that end, Contigen helps organizations define their performance and remuneration management strategy.
Performance & reward management

Simply put, in our company we deal with strategies, policies and programs to systematically measure and assess employee performance and also ways to keep them at the highest performace level as long as possible.

As for performance management systems, we help organizations, in particular:

> Promoting compliance with the organization's strategic objectives (key performance indicators, goals, etc.), promoting desirable behavior and a culture of continuous development based on vision, values ​​and strategy of the company.

> Design flexible and easily implementable performance management systems.

Implementation of management systems, their maintenance and support throughout their use.

When creating payroll management programs, we help organizations especially when:

> Evaluating the importance of each job position with clear success criteria.

Deciding how to reward employees based on their performance and the relative value / importance of their position.

Developing systems that include both fixed and variable bonuses, long-term incentives (different stock schemes) to reward and retain employees as well as benefits (passenger cars, health and retirement benefits, etc.).

> Ensuring external competitiveness and alignment with market conditions.

Design of effective voluntary departures and employee reduction programs to ensure fair treatment of employees leaving the company while protecting company reputation on the market.

To fulfill your organization's key performance and HR management goals, we also provide the following services:

> Preparing the System and Performance Management Rules

> Determining procedures and rules for Evaluation of work

> Preparation of Remuneration & reward systems

> Definitions of Annual compensation and Bonus systems

> Benchmarking Employee benefits and Remuneration systems

> Programs of Voluntary exit conditions and Reduction of employees

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