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Organizační design

Organizational design

Activities are of organizational structure change and functioning.

We work in organizations to design their optimal structure and processes to facilitate and assist in successful implementation of their business strategies.
Our goal is to build organizations with such structure and performance to achieve top performance in the long perspective, also thanks to their efficient design and flexible structure.
Organizational structure design

When designing an organization structure, it is about creating the most appropriate organizational arrangements that will enable you to effectively implement intended business strategy. It includes, among others, creation and assignment of roles at headquarter of organization, regional offices and business units that will operate in accordance with required management model. This also includes defining organizational schemes, roles and responsibilities at each level in order to clearly define competences and achieve the highest possible efficiency of such a structure.

This way we help organizations to create an optimal design of their entire organization structure, roles and responsibilities leading to greater accountability and efficiency.

Functional design

Functional design Functional design is to define an optimal layout for each function, find the right balance between central performance and consistency and hybrid local design that best serves your business. In addition to the organizational structure of these functions, procedural and decision thresholds are defined to reflect the balance between control and empowerment. Finally, the dimensioning and total cost of each function must meet best practices in comparable organizational environments.

Role of headquarters and service centers

We develop the smartest organization of corporate centers and global business services that support global strategies, enable synergies, and provide businesses with more service. Starting with the required corporate center role, Global Business Services (GBS) will efficiently distribute activities between local platforms (GBS) and business units. As GBS will gradually evolve with typical organizations, management and funding models, the service provided to the business increases efficiency and effectiveness.

Administration and management

We are developing advanced company management models that incorporate the best of world practices to balance the role of the board of directors, CEOs and executive teams. We will adopt operational management as the organization's nervous system with the penetration of culture and leadership at one end and a formal organizational structure on the other. Each organization has a unique driving pattern. We enable excellent organizational performance in speed, quality and performance decisions by designing the most effective operating and administrative structures of the board.

Strategic success can only be achieved with a properly functioning organization - it must be well-designed, managed by efficient teams and supported by properly motivated staff.


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