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Quality and compliance

Quality management activities and compliance with standards, legislation and norms.

Quality management has become a necessary part of the activities of any organization. No matter what business you are doing or providing, this topic is definitely at the forefront of all business and production processes you are introducing.
Quality management is never ending the process of controlling, securing and improving quality, both in business and manufacturing operations and in productivity. If customers are satisfied, they are likely to feel they are receiving high quality products that are continually upgraded to keep up with the ever-changing environment and competition.
Quality control

Quality management is critical to business success. It runs across the organization in many different areas with separate teams for each program being created for each. These programs cover the entire organization and include all aspects of the business. Managers must implement these processes, eg. to ensure that their colleagues meet the highest standards. To do this, various tools have to be put in place to help employees perform different business and production tasks. These tools enable them to make the most of their capabilities and capabilities.

Compliance management

Our regulatory and compliance services verify company compliance with relevant business standards, norms and rules issued by regulatory authorities (eg. ITU), national or supranational entities (EU) or supranational organizations (ISO) valid in given industry sector, where is necessary to prove that company or its parts operate in accordance with those rules, standards and regulations.

Cotigen's approach in this area is a combination of the ability to assess compliance with these rules and subsequently help clients develop programs, processes and controls for their long-term compliance. In addition to identifying, verifying or even preventing breaches of standards or regulatory requirements, examining how and why the organization has met or failed to do so and then proposing recommendations for changes to internal structures, processes, and controls to ensure long-term compliance with the relevant standard, rules or regulation.

Quality and standards verification

We have long-term auditing experience across industries, various businesses and public service sectors, always with a goal to improving their management practices and systems. We do not use a single methodology or approach when assessing, but we create and set our methods to best suit of given industry.

There is no one-way approach for everyone; we assess the needs of each client with our own eyes. For each project and customer, we try to design a unique solution to situation, which should aim to improve the functioning of its entire business or organization.

> Compliance analysis (Gap analysis) - is intended to identify parts of company management systems that require particular attention. In cooperation with your team, we conduct a compliance analysis internally within your organization, including interviews with responsible staff and all stakeholders. We review the relevant documentation and conduct random inspections. This prepares your organization for a subsequent and much more intensive certification audit and gives you the opportunity to solve any shortcomings in your quality management system.

> Certification audit - Certifikace je komplexní prověrka vaší organizace a jejich opatření vůči určitým standardům, normám nebo regulacím. Máme zkušenosti s auditováním vůči evropským či celosvětovým normám s standardům a detailně rozumíme jejich konkrétním požadavkům. Jakmile tyto požadavky splňujete, udělíme vám certifikaci na určité období - obvykle 1-3 roky. Po uplynutí této doby budete muset podstoupit proces recertifikace. 

Certification is a comprehensive review of your organization and its actions against certain standards, norms or regulations. We have experience with auditing European or global norms and standards and we understand their specific requirements in detail. Once you meet these requirements, we will grant you certification for a certain period - usually 1-3 years. After this time, you will have to undergo a recertification process.

> Verification audit - Contigen's mission is to provide your organization with reputation and credibility, working with you in a highly efficient way and confirming that quality is your first priority. Therefore, audits in the form of unannounced checks help verify whether our recommendations have been met when evaluating compliance with relevant norms and standards. At the same time, Verification audits are a great way to ensure your organization is performing well and is on its way to full certification.

Quality frameworks and standards

Contigen provides, within the framework of the services provided, using and respecting the standards, qualitative and legislative frameworks used in the given business sector or internally created within the organization. Experts participating in projects with our customers fully respect or directly participate in their implementation, compliance or improvement. These are in particular the following business process frameworks:

> Processes - Lean Six Sigma

> Quality - ISO (9000, 14000, 20000), eTOM

> Security and data protection - ISO 27000, GDPR

> Projects - PMP, Prince 2

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