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Prodej a marketing

Sales and marketing

Sales and marketing management activities.

We help organizations achieve revenue growth, profitability through new strategies, pricing policy changes, marketing optimization and best practices in sales efficiency.

In order for an enterprise to succeed in growing highly competitive global markets, it needs to reflect even more the needs of its customers into everything it does and does. They have to present their services, attitudes and methods so that their customers understand their meaning better and the company can bid more quickly and then implement innovative business strategies.

Contigen has a unique set of strategic, analytical and transformational skills to manage and change the most demanding business and process issues. It focuses on identifying and removing the core of problems so that our recommendations have visible impacts and show our clients the use of new non-traditional methods and workflows.

Price and profitability management

The price is a powerful business tool where even small changes can have a major impact on the success or failure of the product.

We work with clients from a wide range of consumer sectors, with whom we deal with a number of price-related issues including, changes in price structure, setting them for the whole category of services or group of products, positioning within the price levels, finding a balance between real and perceived value, managing the effectiveness of promotional price promotions, determining the way margins are created for complementary products, designing pricelist structures etc.

In the B2B segment, we have helped improve profitability of both large-scale contracts and small and medium-sized businesses through changing contract-pricing.

The typical effect of our projects was 1-3% improvement in margins in sectors with lower profitability and even better results we achieved in sectors with higher added value.

Revenue management

In the sectors with limited production capacity, high fixed and low marginal costs, different methods are used to maximize revenues from sales of products and services.

Does a successful airline, for example, offer a lower price for an unoccupied place today or hope for a higher price tomorrow? Therefore, for extraction, revenue management, intensively uses demand and price sensitivity analysis for individual market segments, allowing it to find the optimal decision about the type and amount of prices at a particular time.

Contigen collaborates with a number of clients, including leading transportation and logistics companies, hotel operators and car rental companies to strengthen their demand management skills and increase their revenue and margin levels.

Planning sales prices and strategies

Manufacturers of long-term assets, such as cars and aircraft, are increasingly relying on resale products and services as a source of profit. We work with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to develop strategies for reselling spare parts, predict component demand and optimal spare parts prices - which is not easy at such a long intervals.

Product and offer planning

Business-based business models rely on products that are consistently tailored to the needs of target segments, but shouldn't be designed as too complicated. This is always a question of proper balancing.

At Contigen, we often focus on designing new products and services. These activities include not only the development of completely new products but also new packages of existing services or complementary products and services that extend the basic offer.

Efficiency and building of sales channels

Today's business requirements are considerable - the pressure to accelerate growth, reduce service sales costs, set up a multichannel strategy or increase value-added by using new technologies.

It is important for our clients that our holistic approach helps them make major changes in sales efficiency. Whether it's about defining innovation in a targeted customer strategy, designing sales channel structure, simplifying sales management, increasing sales efficiencies, changing sales targets and measuring success rates - we always work with clients to design and implement these changes together.

Our team has extensive experience in implementing various sales models incl. B2B and B2B2C account management, B2C customer centers or B2C retail outlets. For such projects, sales performance typically improves by 5 to 15% depending on industry and level of management.

Customer loyalty and value management

Acquisition of new customers and proper management of their relationships are essential tools for the successful growth of each business. Today's customers, however, have more choice and easier access to information than ever before, which is constantly increasing their demand for and retrieval. In addition, they have the opportunity to share their experiences with products, positive or negative, through social networks.

We work with our clients to look for new ways to increase their profitability. By designing attractive product packages and incentives, we help them attract new customers eg. offering value-added services to existing customers, we help minimize their exit to competition.

The projects we carry out in this area go from designing a new offer and increasing the sales cycle in telecoms to designing specialized loyalty programs in the aviation, technology, retail and finance industries.

In all cases, we use detailed knowledge of customer behavior to find new opportunities to satisfy them with the appropriate products offered by new sales methods. We all implement this together with our client in our organization and we also control correct implementation of all the changes.


Effective marketing campaigns increase earnings, profits and brand value. However, marketing is becoming more and more complex with rapidly evolving customer needs and fragmented interaction between used marketing tools. Businesses need new strategies to reach their target audiences and new competencies in the field of electronics are now needed to function properly, although their use may be risky.

In this area, we use a unique approach combining econometric analysis with scientific experimentation. This enables retailers to better communicate with their customers and significantly increase the cost effectiveness of marketing - whether they are prints, digital media, direct mail, retail communications, discounts and subsidies or any other marketing investment.

Our methods for planning marketing campaigns in general, help clients achieve profitability by 5 to 10 percent through higher revenue or increased marketing efficiency (or both).

Customer experience

For many decades, innovation has centered on the product. Now businesses are making it harder to make a return on their investment in product innovation.

So how should the company now be distinguished from competition and growth? One answer is to improve customer experience. In addition, its importance is steadily growing, as basic products and services have become commodities and all competitors are looking for new ways to differentiate themselves.

We at Contigen help us create innovations that improve customer experience of using product or service. Once the customer identifies all the points in which this experience is shaped, we help clients make changes to processes, technologies, communications, or products to move them to a new higher level.

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