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Pozemní doprava

Surface transportation

Activities in the field of road and rail transport and logistics.

We are preparing our clients for the future of mobility even today.
We advise railway, road hauliers, supply chains and logistics integrators, postal companies, express and freight transport companies as well as governments and regulators to help create a new face for this industry. With a close understanding of these sectors, our consulting team helps clients gain competitive advantage by working on their most demanding projects on strategic growth, digital transformation, business improvement and organizational efficiency.
Our expertise in transport and logistics goes beyond the usual strategy and operations and includes specialized skills in the field of business digitization, end-to-end optimization of logistics routes, sustainable development programs and innovative financial solutions for the field of transport. In addition, Contigen has significant experience with in-depth inspections, extraction or changes in ownership of the transport infrastructure.
Whether it is the optimal use of the transport network, transport vehicles or implementation of machine learning (ML), we offer our customers a new insight to data we collect, through the collaboration with Contigen Labs, we ensure deployment of analytical and development tools specific to transportation and logistics which creates meaningful decisions or enables to implement advanced decision-making.
As part of our expanding knowledge, we also work with our colleagues from other transport sectors (aerospace, air logistics) to serve clients in as many fields as possible.
Our main areas of interest are following:
Railway and road transportation

Contigen provides advice on strategic, operational and financial planning for both private and state freight and passenger railways. Our areas of expertise include market and competitive analysis, innovation strategies, business development as well as proposals for optimal operational and market strategies. We also offer exceptional expertise in the field of performance evaluation of processes, activities and functions supporting the operation of land transport networks. Our team members are experts in railway and road equipment (rolling stock, rolling stock management systems, rolling stock subsystems, etc.), transport infrastructure management and optimization of sales of services with extensive experience in all major freight and passenger transport markets.

Postal and express services

Providers of postal services and express parcels face radical changes in the demand structure due to technological change, aggressive competition on markets linked to heavy cost pressures, new opportunities for business electronization and ongoing globalization trends. New players are constantly emerging and existing services no longer meet today's consumer needs. That's why we help post office clients grow fast, digitize their business, optimize their operations, supply chains, create new customer-oriented solutions and help expand expansion plans such as acquisitions to re-locate and define the role of their business so they can continually absorb changing trends of today's digitized world.

3PL / Freight Transport / Logistics Integrators

The ever-evolving and changing dynamics of e-commerce, the slowdown in global trade volumes and the newcomers in the industry have sent the existing logistics sector into turmoil and all players are now looking for innovative practices and a further growth impulse. We work with our clients to find and define a further growth cycle and to address the possibilities of innovation and digitization.

We have never experienced so many radical changes we see today in the logistics industry. Original providers know their clients the best - and this is a great opportunity for those who can use it right.


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