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Digitalizace zákaznických služeb

Digitization of customer services

How digitization and data can revolutionize product design and development.

Serving customers in human service centers is still the core of the telecom operators' interaction with consumers. However, advances in areas such as artificial intelligence, speech analysis or speech synthesis are already changing the way in which customers are served so that by 2025 this service will be provided in a completely different way and tools.

By Katarina Malic

This insight first appeared in Contigen 

In a comprehensive environment in 2025, telecom operators will have to do and act as solution providers.


We are still quite far from this vision, but many telecom operators are already trying to digitalize their customer care business. As part of our services, we will be happy to provide you with information on how to build a long-term sustainable strategy in this area, identifying new opportunities in telecommunications sector, identifying possible cost savings, helping to increase customer satisfaction and thus increase their value and loyalty.

This should motivate telecom operators to really target customer service improvement over the 10-year horizon and from the customer's point of view, provide a significant place among future solution providers.

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