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Henrik Morten Partner, Výroba a automotive

Henrik Morten

Partner, Production & Automotive

Henrik Morten
Henrik has spent the last 10 years focusing on developing strategies for automotive OEMs and mobility service providers.

He is Head of Production and Automotive in Contigen's Prague office and he is enthusiastic about the industry.

The automotive industry is currently undergoing major changes. The classic concept of cars owned by individuals and used for commuting from point A to B is actively undermined by new concepts of mobility, digital services and interconnection. It's a very interesting time. We must bring and create sustainable changes in the automotive industry.

Henrik is involved in creating new strategic business models for new mobility solutions and services. Digitization in automotive space also forms a large part of its everyday work, particularly in the area of ​​car sales and car delivery.

Henrik's clients appreciate the style of his work and the trusted relationships he creates with them.

The automotive industry is currently undergoing a far-reaching change of paradigm, which in particular forces OEM to distinguish between customer interaction and profit generation. I really believe that team collaboration with clients will bring higher profitability and impact to all involved.

Henrik holds a bachelor's degree from the European Business School. He also studied at the Goethe University in Frankfurt. He speaks Danish and English.
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