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Martin Kantor Senior partner, Finanční služby

Martin Kantor
Senior partner, Financial Services

Martin Kantor
Martin is one of the key problem solvers for organizations. Using his vast field experience and highly analytical mind, Martin is endowed with the ability to bring the structure into chaos

Martin addresses problems that are not only key to the project, but also helps develop project management skills for effective collaboration, and encourages a number of issues that he faces as a team. For him, it is essential for the client to feel confident and trust in his experience, knowledge and integrity.

Getting the client's trust requires a thorough knowledge of the topics discussed, but equally important is his confidence that we will only use the best methods and common sense in making any recommendations, while at the same time the client's interests over ours will always prevail.

Martin has over 20 years of consulting experience with most industries in the financial services sector, where he has been working for commercial banks, insurance companies and financial companies. Among its clients are banks at the European financial centers and the head of the insurance company.

Continuous learning and the development of knowledge and skills is an important part of Martin's life; for him, every experience has the chance to learn something new that he can translate into his professional practices.

For nearly twenty years, I have been fully involved in the management and leadership of a single foundation. As a non-profit organization without an external source of finance, I have provided valuable lessons for maintaining fiscal discipline and managing branches in emerging regions.

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