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Market development

Market development

We make individual European markets available to overseas vendors in a highly efficient way.

Market development both at national and international level requires intelligence, ambition and thorough understanding of the industry in which you build your position. Contigen also includes personalities and partners who have built positions and reputation of many global brands and companies within Europe and are able to manage any sales or marketing activities from target markets mapping to PR communications.
The role of Market and Business development should be at the core of company's growth strategy. Every company or organization, no matter how small or small, should have at least one part or person responsible for expanding its business into untapped parts of the market, that works on interface of organization's interests and interests of clients.
Market development

Organizations are constantly looking for new outlets and trying to enter new markets with their products. We are specialists who have been helping to build a stable position for companies entering the European Economic Area for more than 10 years. This environment is demographically, legally, commercially and linguistically fragmented and requires different strategies for individual markets and states.

To make it easier for businesses in Europe to enter this environment, we are ideal interface for them to provide unified consolidated services on one hand, and on the other hand, a diversified approach, strategies, people and processes towards individual markets. This way we can work more efficiently, especially in early years of building a new market position.

Develop business in Europe  

From business perspective the European markets are very fragmented. For newly incoming vendor isn’t easy quickly identify local market structure, key players, real size, entry barriers and chose most suitable approach for his product. It can be even more difficult when he take into consideration various price, technical or financial preferences and local compliance requirements.

Our task is also create single point of contact for overseas producers or vendors and eliminate this way potential language barriers (>20 local languages used in EU space) and locally applied legal, technical or processing requirements.

To meet all such a complicated local conditions and to meet the expectations of newcomers and their products, we provide following services:

We do not enter into direct business relation with end customer or partner. We only benefit from realized business by third party (represented vendor or partner) initiated by our market development activities.


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