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Brand ambassador

Brand ambassador

Placing new products and services on fragmented European markets requires detailed knowledge and atypical approaches. We will share one of them.

Sometimes it’s not possible to achieve everything just by stiffening your interests, services or products. Often it’s necessary to direct your efforts towards to smaller or indirect goals, to achieve that, what are we trying to gain in the longer perspective. And this is the usual mission of Brand ambassador services, to help promote the interests of the manufacturer, provider or supplier on the target markets.
For these services, our strategy is not to enter into a direct business relationship with an end customer or partner, but above all to induce their interest in new products and services, so that they can use them in their daily activities. At the same time, the pursued goal is the satisfaction of the customer, partner and represented vendor.
Brand ambassador services
Cleverly to new markets 

With detailed cognition and understanding of specifics of each segment, local EU markets and reginal specifics, looking for new potential business opportunities is one of its core Brand ambassador activities.
Another one of valuated missions of Brand ambassadors is to create, develop and support newly built relationships between newly incoming vendors and potential or existing clients, on which new opportunities have been indirectly initiated or newly identified. 

Typical activities and services we can provide at this field on selected markets are also:

> Getting to know new brand names and products - There is no reason to buy or test a brand or products by any customer, that no one knows, due to they are not able to assess whether they meet their expectations, needs or criteria. I that case is necessary to introduce such a solution or brand to the end customer and recommend it by someone trustworthy, which describes to the customer all product advantages also with potential risks, and convince him whether he should at least consider about those product or incorporate it into his further plans.

> Creating conditions and environment for product and service implementation - In order to do certain products or manufacturers preferred by customers, considerable internal efforts need to be made on many customers in order to build long term trust and confidence for new products. Therefore, many explanatory meetings, examinations and tests in various departments as well as deployment in initial projects will be required. If the product is good and meets expectations, the customer will be happy to deploy it for live operation.

> Initiation of demand for products and services - When the customer's environment is known in detail, it is necessary to monitor the evolution of his requirements, which could be satisfied by new products and services within newly opened projects. In that case, it’s only necessary to select and engage into relation with the end customer a suitable partner, who is able to implement and realize such a project or solution.

> Support and supervision of project implementation - Although the delivery of solutions and services is realized by partners and resellers, it is advisable for the manufacturer to have independent information about the end customer's satisfaction with the delivery and alternative ways to deal with certain situations or mitigate the impacts. This can become an invaluable source of lessons for another manufacturer’s projects in given region. 

... and this is the usual mission of Brand ambassador services - to help promote the interests of the manufacturer, provider or supplier on the target markets.


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