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Projektové řízení

Project management

The project way are designed a implemented new products, mergeed departments, managed construction of building, implemented applications, etc. For their successful start, progress and completion is usually responsible professionalism of their management. 

For each organization, projects are one of fundamental creators of its transformation or instrument of realization and its existence can depend on level of their success. Therefore, the quality of project implementation is a frequent part of top management agenda.
Our company devotes extraordinary attention to the implementation of projects to our customers and therefore we provide our clients with the most experienced consultants and experts in this field. They use proven methodologies and advanced procedures to manage delivery of solutions, implement a work, make extensive transformations or just implement new features of a used IT tool.
Project management and control

Business world is accelerating, product life is much shorter, deliveries of services are not made in one place but worldwide. This forces organizations to increasingly launch new projects with ever-increasing complexity, scale and coordinate them across multiple locations and levels. Therefore, maintaining a sufficient and competent project capacity to meet all these requirements internally can often be an incomplete task that our project managers often assume.

Programme management

Comprehensive systems, programs and projects require experts who quickly understand your organization's performance and are able to make qualified decisions that have a major impact on the organization in line with the expectations defined in projects. Usually, programs and projects management services are provided in situations where the organization does not have enough or insufficiently competent project and program managers in given area or industry. In addition to the external resources provided, our consultants can be in a position to provide advice and recommendations to existing managers to manage their projects and programs.

Project management office (PMO) & Portfolio mgm

Provided Project management office services (PMO) are designed to manage activities of your internal project office, especially in cases where larger or smaller smaller projects are deployed, so that organization can only focus on its core business. In particular, our task is to provide experienced managers in your industry to ensure coordination, mutual communication and the scope of the projects entrusted.

PMO services include, among others:

> Design and classification of project portfolio, selection and prioritization of projects with regard to company strategy and availability of resources, proposal of recommendations facilitating decision making on the portfolio and individual projects

> Scheduling resources at project portfolio level, optimizing resource use and resolving resource conflicts. Maintaining up-to-date information on employees, in particular as regards capacity, allocation of projects and level of their competencies

> Managing and managing project portfolio stages from start to finish. Assessment of project suitability and scenario planning with modeling of impact on company, employee, costs or other projects

> Standardization of project management methodology and procedures

> Selection, implementation and training of employees on the tools and software used

> Improving clarity of current and planned projects by regularly updating project data and intensive internal communication

> Creating a knowledge base to use knowledge and best practices from previous projects to avoid repeating past mistakes

> Monitoring progress of entrusted projects and implementing dependency controlling resources, budgets and plans (project portfolio monitoring)

> Administrative and operational support for project managers and project teams (eg conflict management, workshop moderation, etc.

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