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Impact and influence

People at Contigen develop their own expertise in a free and creative environment without unnecessary barriers and a strong hierarchy. That's why they are willing to change conventional ways of thinking, identify new opportunities and create unique solutions for our clients.

We recruit most suitable people for each project, no matter where they come from and where they are home. The result can then be an "optimally composed" team of individual professionals who also work well with each other - across different disciplines, at different levels of client organization management. 

In particular, we enter into projects where we can bring real added value and where we have the potential to demonstrate the tangible impact of our activities on the operational or strategic activities of the customer.

Here are some of the roles we hold with our clients, their industries and companies:
Data obtained by Contigen analyzes helped our clients to identify and realize additional revenue worth tens of millions of euros. Our experiencees with the digitization of industrial and administrative processes helps to unleash what some observers call the new Industrial Revolution.
Contigen Laboratories - we use innovative technology and systems to streamline and expand our client's business.
Digitization - we are building a dedicated cross-industry team that helps clients not only exploit the opportunities created by usage of new technologies but also anticipate and neutralize strategic threats.
Contigen has an important experience - to help complex organizations to change themselves. We have proposed changes to the leading logistics companies, helped service providers improve their competitive position and serve as a guide to transformation in several telecommunication companies.
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