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Technologie, komunikace a média

Technology, communications and media

Activities in the technology and entertainment industries.

Contigen makes a significant contribution to leaders in the telecommunications, media and technology industries to develop company value-added growth strategies, improve business operations and services and the right set of the organization. Our clients are some of the world's most successful companies - providers of fixed, cable and wireless services and facilities; business IT service providers, consumer electronics and semiconductor manufacturers; broadcasters, publishers, online platform operators and entertainment companies.
Contigen helps players from the converged communications sector (fixed line operators, Internet service providers, cable operators, mobile operators, wholesalers and private equity groups) to develop value growth strategies, improve their offers and market performance and maximize organizational efficiency.
Contigen's practical technological experience enables us to build close relationships with clients in this sector by creating sustainable value for their shareholders through predictions in their customers' values, developing innovative business models and product / solution offerings or improving business efficiency. We provide services primarily for IT and enterprise computing, software, telecommunications, consumer electronics, semiconductors and advanced IT services.
Media and entertainment
Contigen's best practices and experiences in the field of media and entertainment help companies create significant and lasting value on the market by developing and implementing innovative corporate, product and marketing strategies and managing significant operational improvements.
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