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Digital Transformation World 2020

Digital Transformation World 2024

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Date: 18 - 20. June 2024


The industry has moved forward, and Digital Transformation World reflects this. While we continue to serve our core market, we feel it is appropriate to talk openly about digital transformation and how it affects the wider world. This openness also presents your organization with a new opportunity to reach out further into potential markets and contacts through association with TM Forum.

TM Forum is a not-for-profit industry association with a 30-year heritage in bringing together the people behind the tools and processes that have underpinned growth of the industry for many years.
We believe that the next wave of growth is only possible if we help to enable a radical shift in the operating model of our members’ businesses. The platforms and tools, software, business models, and culture of our businesses need this radical shift to achieve this growth potential. We have been looking at digital transformation at the Forum since 2013 and its impact on products and services.

We can demonstrate the unique opportunity that TM Forum’s Digital Transformation World presents through our initiatives like the Global Architecture Summit. TM Forum’s Global Architecture Summit is an interactive workshop-style experience aimed at architects, designers and technology innovators with a number of speakers, discussion sessions and round tables providing insights into architectural issues and opportunities faced by teams and organizations worldwide in today’s digital era. The proof-of-concept Catalyst projects will show the progress towards the digital platforms of the future achieved through collaboration.

The 2024 conference agenda shows a clear progression of thought leadership in the industry, and the attendee list shows the gathering of leading minds and leading influencers. Key event themes are 6 following - Beyond connectivity, Cloud native IT & agility, Autonomous networks & The edge, Customer experience & Trust, AI, Data & Analytics, The Human factor.


Planned agenda and accompanying program to this venue you find here.


City: Copenhagen, Denmark

Venue: Acropolis Convention Center, Copenhagen


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