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Energy production

Energy management and supply activities.

We are preparing our clients for the future of energy today.
Low energy prices, growing demand, unusual technology, and a rapidly changing regulatory environment. The energy sector is facing unprecedented challenges worldwide. The ongoing changes relate to the fundamental nature of the customer relationship with the energy company. Technology enables consumers to become "co-producers" or "co-consumers" because microprocessing, virtual power plants or aggregate community demand are expanding, leading to thinking about new business models in every part and every aspect of the new value chain.
Supply of energy

In today's unprecedented energy environment, traditional business models become obsolete. In such environmentscan be succesfull only an energy company or tool which accept the existence of unusual technologies - whether it is rapid growth of solar farms, energy storages, usage of top-of-the-range energy sources or the batteries that supply the whole house - it is necessary to orientate unusually quickly in a changing competitive environment, especially when is still formed by mergers and acquisitions.

Original business models are more under pressure than ever before to face competitive forces such as growing demand, the need for greater flexibility or low energy prices, and a shift towards a low-carbon economy.

Leading energy companies are considering new business and operating models and are working on their implementation. Others are testing new product lines or new ways of doing business. Those who have not yet accepted changes in the market are at risk of falling behind.

The key to success in every activity is the use of the right tools. In the case of a business model, this means having the right resources and ensuring that their full potential is exploited.

Contigen has excellent skills for successful navigation of clients in such a dynamically changing business environment, from key strategic issues such as:

> Assets and real estates sales

> Production strategy for fossil, nuclear or water resources

> Mixed fuels strategy

to detailed analysis at asset level:

> Optimization of energy source operation

> Energetic device management & maintenance

> Control of outages

> Logistics and fuel management

> Supply chain management

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