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Activities related to the efficient provision of insurance services.

Contigen has industry expertise, strategic approach, analytical knowledge, and innovation that create tangible value for both insurers and reinsurers.
Our experience in the field of insurance comes from three main areas: strategy, operations and finance. On any occasion, our company does not hesitate to use expert intellectual capital and best practices that always lead us to design the most appropriate solutions that bring significant benefits to our clients.
Financial efficiency

We build our reputation on top-of-the-line analysis and pragmatic approach to implementation to optimize risk, capital and value management in many business sectors. We develop frameworks for measuring profit, risk, capital use, value creation and performance to assess and improve financial efficiency to meet regulatory criteria and to create a lasting competitive advantage.

Strategy and growth

As the entire insurance market continues to consolidate and restructure, achieving profitable growth is key to long-term survival. Our company therefore combines strategic analysis tools with extensive information on different firms, markets, and value chain activity that help insurers design strategies that give them a competitive advantage.

Effective cost management

In today's economic environment, efficient administration and cost management are the top interests of insurers. Our differentiated approach to the different types of costs brings us a holistic, detailed and competent perspective for managed cost maintenance within planned limits. Our approach distinguishes six cost areas and evaluates their different layers within the value chain as well as the key factors affecting their structure and amount.

Operation effectiveness

While many insurers are developing bold strategies, they are often struggling to put them into daily practice - unsuccessful IT projects or inertia of existing processes are still commonplace. The techniques we have developed to implement operational changes enable us to successfully implement and manage transformational changes in our customers. Starting with the initial understanding of the strategy, followed by project designs respecting the infrastructure used to adjust the business operating model and IT architecture.

Marketing a distribution

Based on our management experience, we maximize sales productivity, optimally configure distribution channels, and clearly follow the criteria defined by our clients. Our expertise includes, among other things, better targeting; improved business processes; alignment of infrastructure, sales, pricing and services to achieve higher overall profitability.

Product development and management

By optimizing our product portfolio, we help insurers improve their finances and offer customers. We inspire customers to become more innovative, bring ideas faster to the market, manage the efficiency of individual products and the overall portfolio of services more efficiently and combine products according to common customer needs.

Pricing and price management

Constantly maintaining profitability and differentiation is key to the success of many companies. We lead customers to track and evaluate changes in customer behavior, add decision makers, invest in product development and product design and improve pricing tools.

Regulation a legislation

Contigen strives to respect the industry's trends, advise clients on regulatory issues, cooperate with regulators and other legislators to find solutions of complex issues in the industry.

Depth management

The procedures developed by us include - management and control of leakage of receivables, incl. fraud, excessive enrichment, improper disputes management and ineffective complaint handling. We propose processes and solutions for process improvement and we adapt the management and incentives of the organization to support these improvements.

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