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Výroba a automotive

Activities in the general manufacturing sector as well as specifics relating to the automotive sub-sector and its parts.

Contigen supports manufacturing companies in their efforts to realize sustainable and profitable growth. We develop optimized procedures to address the specific situation of each individual client - we do not believe there is one size for all. Therefore, our research team usually includes both field and professional specialists.
Strategy and growth

Profitable growth and constantly adapting the business model are a key challenge for managing manufacturing companies. Contigen's Business Value Design model is based on an industry value-shifting analysis that identifies future profit zones that are systematically developed using alternative business models.

M & A and post-acquisition integration

Our M & A and Integration team offers various variants and opportunities to increase the company's value through a unique combination of knowledge and long-term experience in managing this type of transaction. Our services for corporate clients from industry, ie strategic investors, are complemented by individual advisory services for financial investors as well.


Contigen offers independent business audits / assessment (IBR) and sustainable restructuring concepts. With our focus on industrial production we understand the specifics of the field needed to properly assess the performance of your business and meet the criteria needed to return to the growth trajectory.


Our experts are happy to share the experience, examples and criteria for developing the organizational structures that are needed today to promote international growth and rapid decision-making in an environment that is becoming more and more complex to you.

Resource and supply chain management

Managing direct material costs is a key lever for the good operational and financial performance of our industry clients. Contigen's industrial product team has long-time proven experience in optimizing unit cost and resource optimization.

Optimization of production costs

Our team for unit cost optimization builds on the experience of hundreds of projects across industries and understands key levers that optimize not only production costs but also the entire value chain.

After-sales opportunities

Our specialists help industrial customers to realize after-sales opportunities from after-sales services such as spare parts, service, financing and maintenance. With a particular focus on after-sales activities in the B2B segment, we understand that such capability can be well-used throughout the life cycle of a product.

Information technologies

Contigen encourages clients in the manufacturing industry to realize the potential of Industry 4.0 and to deploy state-of-the-art IT platforms in all capabilities. By combining this expertise with our organizational and strategic competencies, we design end-to-end processes to achieve significant savings throughout the value chain and enable profitable growth.

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