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Jan Beno Managing partner, Víceoborové dovednosti

Jan Beno
Partner, Multisector abilities

Jan Beno
Jan is Contigen's managing partner with multi-disciplinary skills and is responsible for digitization, technology support and development, in-depth analysis, sales and marketing, and consulting methodology.

Jan has advised many leading global companies in Europe and the Middle East, in particular in corporate strategy and organization, sales and marketing, merger and acquisition activities, and government officials on the roll-out of new technologies and the development of the information society.

Jan joined Contigen in 2014, during a collaboration on a joint Telecommunications strategy project run by Crystalix, which has led for three years. Previously, he was a senior partner and worked for several customer groups.

As an engineer in economics and information systems, Jan holds an engineering degree from the University of Economics. He speaks Czech, English and Russian and partly German.
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