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Jana Libalova Partner, Maloobchod a spotřeba

Jana Libalova
Partner, Retail & Consumer Goods

Jana Libalova
As head of the European Retail and Consumption Team at Contigen, Jana has expertise in textiles, beauty, consumer electronics and white goods.

She addresses issues related to strategies and digitization, the development of multi-channel strategies and new sources of profit as well as the proposal to improve operational and business parameters.

Tracking current developments in digitization and shopping socialization is absolutely vital for anyone who wants to continue to operate in the retail sector. Now, I spend a lot of time watching China's development, and it's both impressive and intimidating at the same time as technologically advanced purchasing behavior, especially in the area of ​​mobile commerce. We see how many of the things you can see on platforms like Wechat or Alibaba will penetrate Europe in the near future, despite the many differences in culture and buying decisions.

Jana has gained experience with the consumer industry at Oriflame and Unilever and has consulted with global retailers, department stores and multinational chains.
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