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Jiri Parola

Partner, Efficiency & Changes

Jiri Parola
Jiri is a partner of the company and participates in activities in the Prague and Vienna offices. He leads the area of ​​Efficiency & Changes as leading consultant.
Jiri specializes in integration activities, cost optimization and redesign of organizations to improve flexibility. Relevant examples of his work include the design and implementation of organizational consolidation of industrial and service organizations, the development of a long-term profit-increasing plan to enable the industry to gain profitable growth, EMEA sales reduction programs, etc. Jiri also implemented the consolidation of the European automotive group, a new focus on customer processes and acceleration of growth and implementation of new purchasing strategies.
Prior to joining Contigen, Jiri worked in management consultancy in Germany, the UK and Switzerland.
Jiri received an Engineering degree from the University of Economics in Prague and an MBT from the University of Antwerp.
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