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Ondrej Soukal

Partner, Market & business development

Ondrej Soukal
Ondrej is the business director of a branch in Prague. He has almost ten years of experience in representing leading companies in the markets of Western, Central and Eastern Europe in building of new markets, partner networks and acquiring customers, particularly in the technology and consumer sectors.
Ondrej defined standardized conditions and procedures for entering into choosen markets, helped promote new presentation and reporting methods for established manufacturers or emerging brands. This engagement has brought new results for companies interested in entering European markets that are heavily regulated and widely diversified from business and language perspetives.

Although non-European companies are entering a seemingly homogeneous business space, they can often be surprised by the diversity of individual national markets and the amount of legislative barriers.

Ondrej originally joined Contigen in Prague after graduating from the European Institute of Advanced Studies. He speaks fluent in Czech and English and is able to speak in Russian.
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