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Asset & wealth management

Managing activities for efficient asset management.

Contigen's asset and investment management team works with private investors, asset managers and property owners. Most of our work involves corporate strategy, risk management and regulation, distribution, investment capabilities, and profitability management. The growing share of our work is at a crossroads with a digital, technology and analytics team that helps clients build their business models with a view in the future.
Corporate strategies

We help our clients to adopt a strategy that will help them successfully and fast enforce the emerging market. We identify business areas with growth potential, define investment or disinvestment strategies, provide merger and acquisition support, manage diligence processes, and help integrate after merger.

Customers and distribution

We lead clients to create a business strategy, create an efficient distribution organization, and prepare bids for target markets tailored to specific customer groups. Our team of local and international experts not only provides insight into individual markets, but also helps define appropriate entry strategies and international expansion.

Product strategies

We support our clients in defining and developing product strategies for both traditional and alternative services. This includes, among other things, the revision and optimization of the product portfolio, the development of new innovative products and their rapid marketing.

Profitability and value analysis

We show our clients how to increase their profitability and efficiency by multidimensional analysis of existing organizational structures and roles in the value chain. Our own cost and talent databases enable us to provide them with a benchmark to help them make the right business decisions.

Risk management and regulation

We work closely with financial management and risk management experts to help clients assess the risks of the business environment, employment, regulation, or legislation that they need to take into account in their business areas. Then, we help clients define the measures, processes, policies and infrastructure needed for their meaningful elimination.

Digitalization, technologies a innovation

We support our clients in preparing their strategies for technology, digitization, innovation and outsourcing. We develop an easy-to-use data analysis tool with the client, which makes it easier for investment managers or risk managers to work more efficiently.

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