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Consumer goods

Activities in the area of ​​management of development, distribution and marketing in the consumer goods sector.

The consumer industry is facing the challenges of changing consumer behavior, new demographics, digital technologies, market development, consolidation in the industry, etc. Maintaining organic and profitable growth in these circumstances requires changes in company focus and new skills. In this area, Contigen helps customers identify underutilized resources for profit growth, together to realize the opportunities they have found and build their new capabilities in the future.
Key sectors and projects

Contigen helps clients face challenges in the following areas of the consumer industry:


> Durable goods

> Luxury goods

> Clothing and footwear

We usually help clients solve and explain a variety of issues when presenting our findings to consumers, demonstrating sound knowledge of their products, markets and sales channels or performing state-of-the-art analytics at Contigen Labs.

Here are some examples of such projects:

> Price optimization and promotions

> Identification of efficiency and profitability factors

> Affiliate model in retail

> Big data and advanced data analysis

> Growth strategy

> Market entry and Go-to-Market strategies

> Operational and tactical strategies

> M & A support

> Optimizing marketing and sales activities

> Digital transformtion

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