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Maloobchodní služby

Retail services

Activities in the distribution and sale of goods and services to consumers.

Retail business is not easy and the situation is not improving much. Our clients face heavy competition from online marketers, experienced specialists and discount business models - while consumers are under constant economic pressure.
The combination of new business models and growing consumer pressure has resulted in customers putting their retailers more demanding and having the choice of what they need from a variety of sources. This kind of coercion leads to a situation where the profit and loss boundary is very narrow and only a few retailers have long been successful.
In this challenging time, our clients primarily focus on accelerating growth and its efficient financing. We are working to improve their retail skills to resist the flow of time becoming their enduring value.
Strategic transformation

Traditional business models of many of our clients are now exposed to extreme pressure. We are working with them now and a new definition of the vision of their future business and we are preparing a project map of individual steps towards its implementation. We provide them with ongoing support in their implementation to take advantage of our industry experience. Our transformation work ranges from new models of product turnover management to new financial tools that transform the whole transformation. These projects change the long-term strategy of their business, and in the course of several years will bring their customers new returns and a significantly upgraded offer.

Merchandising, buing a marketing

Merchandising, purchasing and marketing are at the heart of many key customer offerings. We have many years of experience in the areas of pricing, promotion, loyalty, targeted marketing, portfolio management, product category strategies, private brands and bargaining. Our work combines a detailed analysis with a practical approach to joint problem solving, what is min. a good prerequisite for maintaining the existing position of clients.

Supply chain and operation

Retailers are at the heart of customer service. Business models that are needed to get them represent greater complications for operators and the supply chain at a time when customer service is more important than ever before. We work with our clients to manage change to the level of sales and sales outlets. In order to make lasting changes, we are preparing tools for operators who provide them with the right information to make better decisions when they need it and in a format that they can handle. In addition to working in stores, we work with our clients to manage the supply chain. In order to understand the final impacts of their decisions on customers and outlets, we propose plans for improvement - from changes in inventory management to greater efficiency across the supply chain.

Forms, real estate and capital planning

With new challengers in the industry, many of our clients are trying to improve or re-discover the most appropriate forms of business for them. We work with them to design new business formats to turn them into viable business models, new outlets and new ways to operate. At the same time, we are also preparing to optimize the use of their real estate and spaces, select features and redesign the business efficiency model.

Many of our clients have also found that growth in e-commerce or new business formats means it does not have to close existing outlets. We strive to help our clients understand where their strengths are, where to invest and which paths will be blinded to achieve consistently high efficiency.

Financial overview and control

Retail is about detail. Final financial results are the result of thousands of decisions by hundreds of people. As a result, the forecasts on the status and management of business become challenging both for finance management and for management. We work with our clients to break down key financial indicators into the individual components from which these indicators are generated. Then we are able to create financial statements and forecasts that sit directly to take the necessary action.

Tools and systems

In an increasingly complex environment, our clients need more and more software tools to secure and maintain planned changes. On the other hand, most of the software available for retail is worse than the free apps they have on their smartphones. We are therefore trying to design software tools for them that work in accordance with the environment and the practices they use. Such software can also take the form of smart phone applications and will be completely different from normal retail applications. That is why we also work with many IT companies to provide them with world-class support and services to ensure long-term sustainability.

People and organization

Today, people are competitive advante in current business. Our experience with providers of human capacities in retail and organizational changes involves building the joint teams necessary to gain a new abilities, to change the organization's holistically, which will then be in line with the newly set strategy.

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