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Air transportation

Activities in the field of air transport, transport and logistics.

We are preparing our clients for the future of mobility today.

We provide our advice to global, regional and freight carriers, original equipment manufacturers in the aviation industry or their suppliers, airports, MROs and other air transport, travel and travel service providers to increase the value of their shareholders and stakeholders, optimize operations and maximize business and organizational efficiency.

While we fully understand the nuances and special functions in aviation, such as network planning or technical procurement, our team also has access to a wide range of expertise and expertise that utilizes so that our clients can bring the best ideas from their ranks industry.

As part of sharing knowledge, we also work with our colleagues from other transport sectors (rail, road, shipping and logistics; express and mail providers) to serve clients in as many fields as possible.

We are at forefront of making changes to our customers in area of air transport so that we can constantly oversee the key indicators of their business and make them more sustainable. Our skills in this field go deep into operation - like our expertise in business planning, forecasting and management, the impact of digitalization on the comprehensive functioning of the airline. All this helps our clients grow in a world of global competition.


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