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Providing professional sourcing services to cover short and long-term projects and organizational needs.

In a globalized world, top experts, consultants, developers or other senior staff move from project to project without interruption. In such an environment, it is not easy for the resource manager to find the right capacities at the right time. Strategic or operational provision of resources is one of the methods that can be used by project owners or resource managers to achieve these supply chain goals.
Resource management professionals are constantly looking for new ways to optimize costs, ensure and improve the quality of the end product or achieve faster project termination. In order for organizations to remain competitive in today's chaotic markets, they must use most progressive methods and tools. Efficient procurement can mean a huge positive difference in supply chain management across companies of any size.
Sourcing services

At Contigen, sourcing services are focused on providing senior consultants and specialists, particularly in the field of projects, processes, development, management and architecture of choosen technologies and applications. Our task is usually to provide qualified and proven experts who meet the requirements of a particular project and have relevant know-how, professional experience and language skills.

Our sourcing services are especially used by organizations that are currently missing or lacking in the capacity of their own professionals, need to acquire experts with specific knowledge or need to provide specialists for a temporary period of time.

Provided experts in area of SW development are mostly focused on following technologies:

> Backend - Java, .NET, Scala, C++, PHP, Python, Ruby, Node.js, Golan

> Frontend - HTML / CSS / JavaScript, Vue JS, Angular JS, React JS, Ext JS, Kedno UI

> Mobile - iOS, Android, React Native, Ionic Framework, Xamarin, PhoneGap, Framework7

> Database - MS SQL, MS Azure SQL DB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Google cloud SQL, Amazon cloud DB

However we also provide resouces with senior competencies in Project management, QA engineering & testing, UI/UX Design, DevOps, Business analysis etc. 

Expert team 

We do not only provide the capacity of individual experts, but often at the client's request we put together entire research team that implements whole project or solution. And regardless of whether this is a team or an individual, your project is attended by the most appropriate consultants, managers, developers, etc. Those can be our own experts or professionals who have already been audited in many other European projects.

These specialists are able to implement, support and operate extensive solutions, technologies and systems in different business areas. They can be deployed directly at customer site or work on project remotely and at the same time they are able to manage or participate on activities of virtual teams operating around the world.

Respecting standards 

Contigen provides by sourcing services experts or teams of experienced professionals with many years of experience for variety of business sectors. These experiences, along with familiarity with the usual methodologies and procedures, create an optimal combination for their easy adaptability to the corporate environment of any organization.

Experts participating on projects with our customers respect internally used standards, especially with respect to the following business process frameworks (BPFs):

> Processes - Lean Six Sigma

> Quality - ISO (9000, 14000, 20000), eTOM

> Security and data security - ISO 27000, GDPR

> Projects - PMP, Prince 2

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