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Procesní řízení

Process management

They are the essence of a reliable and effective operation of each organization. By their correct settings, organization can significantly retrieve but also repeat mistaken behavior.

Based on years of experience, Contigen is a trusted adviser to companies and investors who are engaged in strategic, operational and financial restructuring.
Identifying what process can be improved is an important step. But this step needs to be done quickly, steadily, in the right moment and order. That's why our experience with Business Process Management is so valuable. Therefore, all solutions that have been created must be such that, in addition to being effective, they will keep organization flexible and innovative in integrating with already-used technologies. Continuous efficiency improvement is important, planning is crucial, but implementation is a key.
Improving process efficiency

Our experience with both medium and large multinational organizations, combined with proven methodology and advanced expertise is a guarantee, that we realize your transformation into more efficient organization, more simple and more effective way . From strategic development, implementation to monitoring of your business processes, our Business Process Management models include all necessary elements. All, having a positive and long-term impact on new organization.

Continuous resource release

Methodologies, procedures and solutions used enable the organization to design, simulate, implement, monitor and continually improve business processes and overall organization performance. This is the path to its long-term high performance and competitiveness. To achieve this, we work with our customers on assignments, especially in the following areas:

Automate manual tasks

> Reduction of approval cycles and ability to automate manual operations

> Higher efficiency and effectiveness of activities / actions

> Check for transparency of implementations and decisions


> Allow management to have greater control over work of their departments

> Identification of bottlenecks

> Identification of risks, their elimination and making the right decisions at the right time

> Ensuring work discipline


> Reduce working cycles

Visibility and transparecy 

> Identify problems before they are escalated

> Monitoring time needed to carry out activities

> Transparency of decision

Match and check

> Ensuring correct actions and decision-making procedures

> Reducing potential shortcomings caused by human error

> Revision Records

> Transparency

Typical types of deliverables and outcomes

> Process mapping

> Process analysis, trend reports, BI

> Increased productivity - removing unnecessary or repetitive steps

> Escalation and warnings 

> Waiting reduction

> Elimination of unproductive tasks

> Reduction in labor and operating costs

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