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Change management

Supervising and ensuring correct implementation of any other change in your organization.

The task of managing change is to minimize resistance against its implementation and, on the other hand, to actively create support among staff for success of the change project. There is available many examples with projects that, although technically well designed, were unsuccessful because they did't benefit from support of those concerned.
Too often, organizational changes are more in line with the wishes of their organizers than to deliver the expected results. They provide necessary outputs without delivering expected results. Many times, all efforts are focused on the actual implementation of change rather, than results that change should bring. The difference that exists between demands and results, between outputs and results, solutions and benefits are people, who have introduced change into life and have led them to change way of their everyday work. Therefore, correct implementation of changes makes it possible to close inconsistencies and gaps thus created by effectively supporting and equipping the right people with the change to promote their success at work.
Correct implementation of changes

Result of change management is, in addition to developing initial analyzes and programs, primarily permanent communication with people. It has many different ways and forms - joint meetings, individual interviews, bulletin boards, portals, articles, etc. Their purpose is above all to explain the reasons for change, their impact on specific groups of workers and individuals and to propose solutions for those who are negatively affected by change.

Typical types of stages and intentions by implementing and managing changes include:

> Managing process of continual change

> Schedule changes

> Sharing need for change

> Definition of vision for change

> Provide support of change

> Deliver and maintain change

Proper implementation of change is a reflection of ideal mix of knowledge, experience, right-handed speed and excellent communication.


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