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Product management

Products and services of our clients are the core of their success. Way they look and to whom they will be served is primarily determined by context of product management.

Taking responsibility for product management is responsibility that can only be achieved by top companies with extensive experience of real product development, management and marketing. We have such specialists and we are not afraid to put them in the most complicated "product missions".
By using product management services client obtain a complex of activities, processes and actions that are needed for proper and controlled development of products provided by organization. These activities affect all key departments of company, customers and suppliers, therefore, it is in best interests of each organization to carry out these activities correctly, repeatedly and in light of best market experience.
Product management

Product manager is a role in an organization that oversees its products and services throughout their lifecycle - from the first survey, through design and development to marketing, pricing or implementation support, to always find customers on relevant market.

All of these activities are so complex and cross-sectional, that your organization often does not have relevant people or enough capacity to make them all in the right time, in right order or sequence, and bring only expected effects. That's why Contigen has created an international team of top specialist specialists with many fields of expertise who are able, among other things, to provide you with the following services:

> Product management - In-service are designed revenue and cost models reflecting given market situation, are prepared detailed product definition and its variants, product strategy, determination of sales channels, expected range of support and other relevant activities.

> Product portfolio management - Due to competitive environment is becoming more and more concentrated and for new services it's becoming more and more complicated to find right combination of technical features, sales methods, price levels or product support level, is reason why portfolio management is becoming very attractive product discipline. 

> Process management - The most appropriate product development methods (such as PLM, Prince 2, SCRUM, ...) are proposed according to product type, including preparation or monitoring of business processes, service provisioning processes, billing processes, etc. used by designed service or product.

> Product communication - As an integral part of product mgm proces is provision of internal and external communication to all affected entities and their information about progress in development, product launches, changes of individual attributes of services etc.

> Price policy - Parameters of defined services include their prices, pricing policy and strategies, used trading tools, commission systems, seasonality etc.

> Product and sales support - This includes preparation of all product and technical documentation, case studies, contracts with customers or partners, manuals, FAQ, training, etc.

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