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Technology support and development

Securing technology support for critical applications and infrastructure.

The current technological environment is more complex and sophisticated than ever and its management and maintenance costs are are growing steadily. Through our application management experts, we are able to eliminate these impacts on our customers and efficiently ensure operation and development their important systems and applications to address the key areas of their business.  

In our portfolio we have a wide range of services in area of applications (Application management & support - AMS) and infrastructure (IMS) services to enable our clients select and use only those they currently need. In our portfolio we also have amount of technology services including application and infrastructure management & support, system integration, customer development & customization incl. resource planning & management.

We are still linking these activities with other expert services incl. project and process management, so that we can provide our clients with comprehensive research units to maximize the synergies of delivered services


Perhaps no system, technology or solution exists in isolation from the outside world. They build on the surrounding systems and applications to become part of more complex solutions. When deploying and integrating them, we take advantage of knowledge and expertise of multi-site specialists to meet assignements and expectations of our customers. At the same time, we ensure that the potential offered by new technology is exploited as much as possible.

Typical services we provide in this area are:

> Implementation and customization of solution to existing environment

> Integration with current systems

> Data migration and customization of configurations

> Implementaion & Post-implementation support and activities

Support and operation 

At Contigen, we know that no technology or solution after deployment does not work silently and needs to be cared for to become an integral part of the organization's life and its everyday use. Through our specialists, we will be happy to deal with its trouble-free operation, maintain it in the best possible condition, address both standard and nonstandard situations and further develop its capabilities to maximize your growth.

In this area, our consultants provide in particular following support activities:

> Operation & administration of solution 

> User & technology support at level L1 - L3

> Customer adjustments maintenance & support

> Optimal performance management & control

> Upgrades and improvements support & maintenance

Development and customization

It may happen that our customers do not fully comply with standard solutions or standardized technology and want to have their own work. For our teams, this does not just mean performing detailed process, functional and organizational analyzes, but also the subsequent design of new or fundamental modifications to existing solutions and technologies. It does not just mean software development or system editing, not just programming or changing parameters, it depends on the procedures used, the expected level of quality, future scalability, performance and reliability.

Typical services we provide in this area are:

> Technical reconfiguration of solution

> Customization of applications

> Custom software development

We perform essential changes to our clients.

We know deeply technologies and tolls they use and can fully enable their potential.


Technologies and applications

There are a limited number of experts on a particular technology or application, and they usually work on several projects at the same time. Therefore, their capacity is usually shared among several customers, which further supports their professional growth and experience.

Our experts are currently able to support following technologies and applications:

> OS infra: AS/400, OS/2, WinStack, LinStack, vmWare

> Net infra: Ericsson, Nokia, Cisco, Juniper

> Security: Qualys, F5, Check Point, nCipher, Palo Alto, Fortinet

> SIEM: ELK stack (Elastic search /Kibana / Logstash), QRadar, LogPoint

> ERP: Amdocs, SAP

> BPM: Pega 

Availability of most suitable expert for operated technology, environment or application will be provided on request.

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