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Strategie lidských zdrojů

HR strategy

We help get the best of the value of human capital that your organization has at its disposal.

In today's volatile and rapidly changing business environment, the most successful companies are those who are able to use more effective ways of evaluating the use of their human capital.
Strategic HR planning is an important part of strategic human resources management. It combines HR management directly with strategic plan of your organization. Most medium to large organizations have a strategic plan that is successful in their tasks. Organizations also normally prepare financial plans to ensure that the objectives are achieved, while human resources strategies and plans are not as common as they are equally important.
Strategy and HR planning

It is clear that in order to achieve the strategy and goals of the organization, it is necessary to project its vision and values ​​into the desired behavior that is widely respected and accepted by all employees of the organization. Therefore, in conjunction with the leaders of your organization, Contigen's consultants help shape strategic parts of your HR programme based on your corporate goals and priorities.

Our consultants are also designing organizational model of your organization or defining necessary roles and competences, including. number of employees and skills required for efficient and cost-effective operation of entire organization structure. At the same time, it also sets performance indicators that monitor performance and progress of employees.

​Employee feedback and satisfaction surveys help map the general climate of organization and identify areas where intervention is necessary. These interventions often require employees to adapt to new conditions. That is why we are developing activities for the smooth running of all changes so that any objections or reactions are eliminated as quickly and in the most appropriate way while maintaining a creative and friendly environment within your organization.

We also provide support to those who end up in the organization and are preparing programs to find more opportunities for their careers. On the other hand, for our clients, we suggest steps to maintain a high level of productivity for those who stay in the organization and help consolidate your organization's reputation and performance.

In order to fulfill the key goals of your copamy ib HR area, we also provide following services:

> Forming Vision and Value of your organization

> Determination of Success indicators (metrics), Bonus and Refund schemes in HR

> Preparation of Operations manuals and HR policies

> Preparation of Job descriptions and Job positions

> Satisfaction and Employee engagement surveys

> Processes of Recruitment, Onboarding and Departure of employees

> Change management services

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