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Personální efektivita

Personal efficiency

Activities to make more effective use of team and individual potential.

We enable organizations to achieve great results by understanding and maximizing the potential of their people and their inner culture to realize their new business strategy.
Team efficiency improvement

Contigen helps build, maintain and improve team performance also through behavioral analysis.

Our work usually begins with behavioral analysis, followed by regular quarterly reviews and ongoing coaching to achieve significantly better team results. In this way, we achieve both the performance of individual teams and the filling of the performance gaps arising during the project.

Identification and development of leaders

We help team leaders at all levels to develop their skills and abilitiess they need to achieve better results.

We support leaders as they focus on solving each business challenge by helping to capture and solve the individual problems of an individual manager or team dynamics. Our development programs and coaching offer a wide range of tools and techniques to develop both team skills and leadership skills to identify the most effective ways to meet the ambitious goals of the organization. In this way, we successfully improve the performance of individual executives, board members, management teams and many managers in our clients' organizations.

Changes in behavior and cultural changes

We implement transformation and change programs that bring demonstrable shifts in both internal culture and business results. We bring experience from behavioral analysis to help set up highly targeted and practical change programs. We aslo develop a corporate culture based on risk, wcustomer, learning and performance improvement to meet the needs of our clients.

Strategic talent development

We help organizations attract, support, develop and maintain the talent they need today and will need in the future. Our work involves building an organizational structure and conditions that will attract diverse talents to market today, while ensuring their future needs develop with minimal personal shocks. These structures and conditions should ensure the organization's existence of a cultured, sustainable and healthy talent pool - from attracting Generation Z to building new talent from within.

People's efficiency helps our clients permanently unleash the full potential of their people - from the desk to the forefront of business.


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