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Resource management

Activities in area of resource management, digitizing purchasing and procurement, categorization of suppliers and demand management.

We provide our clients with support at every step of their growth and development, from the foundation of the company to its maturity; from the implementation of current nationwide cost reduction programs with immediate benefits to the use of public demand as a highly strategic asset capable of creating a lasting competitive advantage.
 Categorization and selection of suppliers
Categorization and selection of suppliers

Designing strategies by purchasing categories, optimizing supplier relationships and managing delivery risks.

> Choosing the most appropriate by country of origin and optimizing supplier relationships using cost modeling and advanced analytics.

Demand and specification management

> Implementation of highly efficient savings with a major impact on costs through knowledge of key cost generators and their profiles.

> Development of methodologies, processes and tools for demand management.

> Provide solutions for reducing complexity, implementing initiatives to reduce production costs and introducing a "make or buy" strategy.

> Development of open innovation strategies and related operational models.

Řízení poptávky a specifikace
Quick saving generation
Quick saving generation

> Advanced analytics, methods and tools for quick detection significant savings in procurement from Identifying opportunities to business deliveries to P & L groups.

Digitizing purchasing and procurement

> Take advantage of new cost effective levers that are caused by digital transformations. Use big data and analysis to maximize lever effect.

> Usage of new resources (mediation platforms, shared economy, program media purchases).

> Digitizing process purchases and collaboration.

> Start of using robotic abilities.

Digitizing purchasing and procurement
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