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Transformační podpora

Transformation support

Change management and transformation activities.

We help organizations develop and successfully manage large-scale and multi-purpose transformation programs at all levels of management.
Contigen cooperate with clients on architecture and simplification of successful transformation initiatives to match the conditions and dynamics of a particular organization. Our consultants help CEOs and management teams implement change strategies, increase performance faster and more efficiently - often in complex and globally dispersed teams and organizations. That is why we try to prepare managers with the thoughts, feelings and intuitive skills that are needed for successful functioning in volatile, complex and ambiguous environments.
Strategiy iniciated transformation

> We ensure implementation of the integrated transformation agenda, operational model and design of the new organization.

Culture iniciated transformation

We are looking for a solution for the biggest issues of corporate culture, from innovation and decision-making to reliability and empowerment.

Legislatively initiated transformation

We help organizations cope with new regulatory requirements and general regulations with a focus on risk management processes.

Performance jumps

We identify and reduce organizational inefficiencies through our optimization tools to reinvigorate the entire organization.

Merge iniciated transformation

We support company-initiated merger changes to effectively set up growth, capacity and operational models for a "new" company..

Digitalization iniciated transformation

We will support your commitment to expanding your business, agility and adequate risk and will focus on addressing consequences of digitization.

We help organizations with a fundamental, deep and often radical changes in mission, structures, culture, processes, ways of working, and focus of people.


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