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Channel management

Channel management 

We build and manage indirect sales channels to effectively serve European markets on behalf of overseas provider or vendor in a highly efficient way.

Our experts help organisations focus on their core business by taking over their sales channel management function, helping them create indirect product sales for faster market penetration by their new products and giving them better supply chain control and visibility.
Contigen enables new markets by developing, implementing and managing highly effective tailor-made programs for acquired channel partners and influencers. This way also helps energise the distribution channel of represented producer, provider or  vendor resulting into increased market share in targeted European region.
Channel management services
Effective indirect sales channels 

One of the most effective ways for newly marketed products or vendors to increase market penetration nationally and internationally is to build a high performing partner channel. To realize it requires considerable planning, local markets knowledge, competent business sector experts and application of best practices.

While a comprehensive partner’s program that enables vendor’s partners to actively and self-sufficiently win and support new customer’s needs to be tailored to the individual needs of every vendor, product and market; Contigen, by performing Channel management activities typically realize following activities within represented European regions:

> Market intelligence - Before entering new markets, represented vendor is well acquainted with the competitive environment on target markets, estimated market sizes, identifying key competitors with their strategies and weaknesses. This is typically provided on request in separate Market survey or as result of Contigen local expert’s knowledge.

> Market strategy - Is newly redefined for each product and market as an ideal combination of well-set prices, product variants, preferred sales channels and sales & marketing support to deliver the expected results. With such intention we also propose for every potential vendor an unique Go-To-Market strategy (GTM).

> Channel partners acquisition - As an integral part of Channel management services is to determine which sales method, distribution model or scope of multi-tier partnership is most appropriate for represented vendor, product portfolio and target customers. All those criteria are then reflected in profiled group of potential partners for every country or region of Europe.  

> Legal and Compliace - Building a partner network is associated with new requirements for manufacturers, coupled with knowledge of local legality, business standards, rules or applied technical standards for its products. For those purposes is appropriate to utilize our local legal and compliance capacities in cooperation with vendor’s preferences.

> Channel readiness program - For every producer entering into EU markets is necessary to communicate regularly with a new and existing partners at all levels of vendor’s partner program to lead them into the next stages of the partnership. This includes providing the necessary information, education, tools and resources to assist all partners with regards to the program, marketing, selling products and services, certifications etc.

> Marketing support & communication - Has a major impact on the speed and efficiency of sales, whether they are simple consumer goods or a sophisticated technology solution, a small regional manufacturer or a multinational company. Contigen directly help represented vendors to prepare all relevant marketing supportive activities as a part of Marketing management services incl. collaterals, SEO or social media management (SMM) etc. to provide effective support of all sales channels.

> Sales channel management - The ability to make effective use of the built-in sales channels is crucial to the success of the product in the European markets. This skill is in Europe conditioned by knowledge of local business habits, technical practices, customer preferences and existing relationships between local partners and customers. This knowledge will be properly reflected in the efficiency and speed of sales of new products in the region.

> Sales & Technical support - Well-functioning pre-sales, sales and after-sales support is the engine of sales success. Without these support wouldn't be possible to close most of brought business cases even ensure long-term customer satisfaction with vendor’s products.

> Local presence & offices - Vendors and providers, that are closer to them than competitors are more trustworthy among customers. This gives them greater confidence and confirms that they are serious about being present on the market. We allow the manufacturers we represent to use the spare capacity of our and partner offices.

Our strategy is not to enter into a direct business relationship with the end customer or partner, but above all to induce their interest in new products and services.


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